Court Reporter

Digital Court Reporters are Real People

There are a lot of misconceptions around “digital court reporting.”

While legal professionals that have been in the field for a while understand the concept, we still get asked by new attorneys and paralegals that are moving into litigation what a “digital court reporter” is.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the time and the growing prevalence of “virtual” and “artificial intelligence” solutions, but a lot of people seem to think a “digital court reporter,” is just another way of saying “computer recording” of the deposition, hearing, or other court proceeding. Metropolitan Mediation Services is your source for Professional and Confidential Mediation Services and small claims court dispute resolution.

This is not the case.

Digital court reporters are real people.
They’re just not stenographers taking down everything said in shorthand.
Digital court reporters will use multiple recording devices in a proceeding to record everything that is said. After the proceeding, they will then transcribe the recording into a written transcript.

While digital court reports aren’t transcribing everything in the moment, they have to have other important skills.
They must be knowledgeable about various types of recording equipment and digital audio and video file formats. This includes the ability to format files and create digital copies including digital annotations that allow readers to reference back to the recorded audio.

Because digital transcripts become legal records, they must be extremely precise and have a great ability to maintain attention while they work. Digital court reporters also take active notes during the proceedings to ensure the transcripts of what was said are assigned to the correct speaker.

We see digital court reporting becoming more and more prevalent in the years to come, and with continued advancements in technology, even being aided by artificial intelligence.

If you’ve ever seen a funny voice-to-text transcription on your cell phone, however, you know that technology is a long way from being able to stand on its own for precise legal records.

That’s why if you need digital court reporters, you can always count on the team at DLE Legal.