Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to serve paper in the Weekend or Holidays?

Service of process can be served any day except Sundays. Even on Holidays, documents can be served.

2. What is the turn aroundtime for serving a document?

At DLE Process Servers, we have three different types of service. ROUTINE, RUSH, PRIORITY. Routine service takes approximately 2-3 days within the tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach). Outside the tri-county (including the whole U.S. Territory) service will be attempted within 5-9 days. Rush service will be attempted within 24-48 hours within the tri-county. Outside the immediate area, service will be completed within 2-4 days. Since DLE Process Servers is dedicated to provide superb service, we have served rush papers outside Florida within 24 hours. Priority service is GUARANTEED to be attempted within the same business day or 24 hours. Outside the tri-county service will be attempted within 48 hours or LESS.

3. Is a witness Fee Check needed when serving a subpoena for records?

A witness fee is not required in this scenario. However, in some cases, hospitals or institutions will charge the attorney or law firm a fee for processing the records (RECORDS RETRIEVAL).

4. For subpoena for deposition, how much does the witness fee cost?

It all depends in the court system. If is a Federal Court Case is $40.00 flat fee plus .35 cents per mile. If is a Florida State Court Case is $5.00 flat fee plus .06 cents per mile. However, if the witness resides in the same county where he/she must appear, for Florida State Court $7.50 flat fee and for Federal Court $45.00 flat fee.

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