How Valuable is Realtime Court Reporting?

Real-time is a mindset. For the more established state court reporters who learned a different method of transcription, real-time transcriptions mean adopting a back-to-school approach in order to stay cutting-edge and remain an asset to our clients.

What is real-time? Simply put, it’s the instant translation of a court reporter’s shorthand into English. For those involved in a legal proceeding, realtime is the ability to view the happenings on a laptop, tablet, or even a phone that’s linked to the reporter’s computer. Instead of waiting for official transcripts, it’s possible to see testimony in draft form within seconds.

Is real-time worth it? Definitely. Here are three ways that real-time adds real value:

  • Real-time saves time. Imagine flagging inconsistencies in testimony immediately without asking the reporter to read back the record; it’s all right there in front of the legal team. As a bonus, teams can use the confidential instant messaging feature to reroute follow-up questioning on the fly based on verbal testimony.
  • Real-time saves money. Expedited transcripts are no longer necessary if the lawyers have rough drafts on hand, efficiently prepared by official court reporters experienced in real-time. Its interactive features facilitate instant research, cutting costs and time spent on that, as well.
  • Real-time gives access to testimony to off-site members of the legal team. DLE Legal court reporters travel routinely out-of-state for depositions and other legal proceedings, and our use of real-time reporting makes it easy to stream remotely, keeping everyone involved current on testimony and case progress.

DLE Legal is based in busy South Florida, but we have offices and remote teams worldwide staffed with both state court reporters and official court reporters. We can make realtime happen wherever your legal proceeding demands it. Contact us today to schedule your next real-time deposition with our national court reporting firm.