Litigation Support

What Costco Taught Us About Litigation Support

Depending on who you listen to, inflation is currently somewhere between 8 and 30%.

A single apple can cost as much as $2.  

But there’s one company that is a beacon of light in the inflationary storm:  Costco.

We recently saw this meme:

And even if you’ve never enjoyed one of their all-beef franks and a soda, it’s an impressive feat. 

$1.50.  Since the 80’s.  

There’s a story that’s resurfaced recently about when CEO Craig Jilenick told found Jim Senegal that they needed to raise the price. 

Senegal’s response:  “If you raise the price of the f****** hot dog, I’ll kill you.”

That’s because he knew his customers appreciated having a quality deal, and they trusted them.

Could they have gotten away with a little price bump over the years?  Sure.  And would a $4 foot long and soda still be a deal in the current environment?  Probably. 

But they realized they didn’t have to raise the price of the hotdog.  They could get innovative in other ways.  They switched from canned sodas to fountain drinks.  They went from name-brand hot dogs to their own brand.  They streamlined processes.

And because Costco is famous for having their in-house “Kirkland’s Signature” brand be on par or better as leading national brands (another lesson we’ve learned from them), the quality of the hot dog never went down.

How does this apply to litigation support?

Well, while everyone is blaming gas prices and inflation for inflating their own prices, at DLE, we’re deflating your litigation expenses.  We’ve invested in new technology and innovated in other ways to keep the costs down for processes serving, court reporting, and record retrieval down. 

And like Costco, where you can get large quantities without sacrificing quality, we’re committed to the same concept.  You can demand high volumes of support, and we’ll still deliver the same quality of service we’re known for.

If you’d like to see how we can help you deflate your litigation expenses, and what prices would look like for your firm, contact us today.