Client Portal

DLE Record Retrieval

Providing the latest technology nationwide, DLE Record Retrieval offers insurance and insurance defense firms visibility into every step of the retrieval process. Our job is to make our client’s record retrieval process most convenient.

  • Notice and Subpoena Preparation
  • X-Ray and Film Duplication
  • Authorization Creation
  • Notice of Production from Non-Party
  • Notice to Opposing Counsel
  • Serve Subpoenas / Service of Process
  • Affidavit of Service
  • Secure online repository
  • Advance Custodial Fees/ Pre -payment of Custodial Fees
  • Customer Billing and Invoice Hosting with Records
  • Hard Copies Available / Request of copies
  • Affidavit of Records
  • Retrieval of Records
    • Medical
    • Billing
    • Employment
    • Social Security
    • Accident
    • Court
    • Criminal
    • X-Ray and Films
    • Workers Compensation