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We help law firms win more cases.

To win litigation battles, your firm needs quality legal support services, DLE Legal can provide them.

Originally a process server in Miami, DLE Legal has been serving legal documents for over a decade. Because of our continued support of some of South Florida’s top law firms and their continued trust in our servers, we have grown to offer Process Serving, Court Reporting, Document Retrieval, Videography, Interpreters and Translators, and Conference Room services throughout Florida and the United States.

Freedom, democracy, and peace depend on the rule of law and access to the courts. DLE is proud to support our legal system and the attorneys, paralegals, and legal administrators that make it run everyday.

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DLE Court Reporters Services

We appear at trials, arbitration, hearing, depositions, corporate meetings and anywhere an accurate record is needed. Our court reporters are experienced court stenographers in all areas of litigations and provide an immediate record of the proceeding.

We arrange
interpreters and
anywhere in the world.

  • Court Reporting/Videography Services
  • Depositions
  • Meetings
  • Sworn & Unsworn Statements
  • I.M.E
  • Hearing and Trials
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DLE Process Services

Located in Miami-Dade county, we personally serve process in Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach. In addition we cover all Florida’s 67 Counties and the entire country. 24-hour tracking down system.

  • Daily status updates.
  • Same day service.
  • Every day pick up.
  • Skip Tracing.
  • Real Property and vehicle trace.
  • Notary service.
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