Get Qualified Process Servers to Help You with Your Dallas Court Case

Finding process servers, court reporters, and record retrievers who are adept at navigating Dallas’s legal system, can be difficult and time-consuming. But when you work with industry experts like our team at DLE Legal, you’ll find that qualified legal support services are just a mouse click away.

At DLE Legal, we are a Miami-headquartered attorney support provider, with a massive national team of experts who can help lawyers seamlessly manage and win their cases in no time. Our process servers, court reporters, and record retrieval experts in Dallas have immense knowledge of Texas laws and regulations. We can support your court cases in Dallas as needed. Contact us today to hire a Dallas-based process server from DLE.

Run your cases smoothly with on-time process serving

Getting important legal documentation out to the right people, at the right time, is instrumental to your case’s success. Let our process servers take care of the process serving work, which will free you up to create the best representation and/or defense for your clients.

Our process server specialists know Dallas intimately, which allows them to quickly identify the right individual and serve up papers to them every time.

Have the best court reporters transcribe your court case

Having accurate documentation of every court case is imperative to know how a case is developing and how best your legal team can help your clients. Our Dallas-based state court reporters have been reporting and transcribing for Texas lawyers for many years. We can connect you with the right candidate, who has experience with both civil and criminal reporting.

At DLE Legal, we also provide video equipment to help you record any depositions or hearings, as necessary. Don’t have the time to book a space to hold meetings and arbitrations? That’s okay. Our court reporters can book a convenient location and keep everything ready before your arrival.

Let us know how best we can help you and we shall.

Forget digging through the records. We’re here for you

Need financial, medical, or insurance records to help you with your court cases? Our record retrieval experts in Dallas can look through electronic and physical repositories to find the document you’re looking for.

Just let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest. Contact DLE Legal for more information about our Dallas services.