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Three Reasons Why You Need a Court Reporting Firm

“Do we really need to hire a court reporting firm? I’m sure someone here can handle most of the deposition details…right?”

At DLE Reporting, we get this question a lot. And we always answer the same way: Perhaps someone at your law firm may be able to handle some of the legal support services we provide our clients daily. But we’re a one-stop shop, and we can do it quickly, perfectly, and more affordably in the long run.”

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What we don’t tell them but they quickly understand is that hiring a court reporting firm does one thing better than anything on Earth: We remove a lot of the unnecessary stress related to the logistics, scheduling, technology, and all those other tiny details that seem to pop up unexpectedly. What else can a court reporting firm do for you?

Process Service. United States legal procedure requires that each party in a case should be notified if actions are taken against them in a court of law. DLE Reporting process servers assure that these rights are protected and executed professionally and courteously.
Live Feed Set-Up. Not every deposition needs to be face-to-face. Avoid the expense, hassle, and frustration always involved in work travel by scheduling depositions via HD videoconferencing. If your case involves out-of-town witnesses or other off-site professional team members, DLE Reporting can arrange a live Internet feed to stream real-time transcripts and video anywhere you need it sent. On a related note, DLE Reporting staff is well-acquainted with the latest technology and equipment, from wireless microphones to synced iPads and video equipment, so there’s no time lost trying to troubleshoot unfamiliar equipment.
Convenient scheduling and record keeping. Wouldn’t you give anything to know exactly where your transcripts and exhibits are? DLE Reporting not only takes the guesswork out of the details, we also notify our clients immediately to confirm requests.

In addition, we regularly set up our-of-state depositions for our DLE Reporting clients, so we have a reliable database of court reporters, videographers, and process servers we know and trust.

There are many reasons to hire a court reporting firm, but maybe the most important one is that concerning the technology of today. It is virtually financially impossible for an independent for-hire court reporter to provide the technological needs in today’s litigation environment, which is fast-paced and exacting.

You can rely on DLE Reporting to continue to earn your trust by providing the most reliable, highly-trained and certified support staff to join your team. Not all legal support staff is equal. Learn why DLE Reporting exceeds industry standards.