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Old Habits That Need to Be Kicked

In any successful legal career, the only thing we can be sure of is its unpredictability. From evolving laws to tech advances and staffing considerations, attorneys and legal support service professionals better be equipped to handle change on the fly.

Sometimes, this changeability prompts even the best of us to cling to old habits. They’re constantly in a world of flux, they’re comfortable in chaos. However, some habits can also hold us back from progressing and improving.

Here are a few ways to kick those old habits to the curb:

  • Implement a business system that can grow with your firm. Simplify your domain name; no dashes, no dots, and as uncomplicated and easily memorable as possible. While you’re at it, get rid of the gmail.com business email.
  • Build your brand. The long list of partners in your firm’s name might be a fantastic internal bargaining tool, but it doesn’t help new clients find your specialty. If they’re searching for the services your firm provides – estate planning, criminal, immigration, personal injury, for example – make it easy for them to find you first.
  • Don’t ignore modern tech. Post-it notes can only take you so far. It’s time to digitize your correspondence with clients and colleagues, and always find a way to preserve it via the cloud or dated screenshots. At DLE Court Reporters, we embrace video-conferencing options for depositions in order to save scheduling conflicts and costs.
  • Renovate your website. Talk with your web designer about making sure it’s relevant, user-friendly, and interactive. Ask yourself if you’re offering too much information on your website, because that can be overwhelming to a potential client. Also, monitor your visits and measure your conversion rates with Google Analytics.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a new direction. Remember that it’s not all about saying yes to any work that comes your way, but rather accepting clients who will help your firm grow in a fresh way and firmly establish your niche in the legal market.

Most importantly, try to find ways to offer value to your clients at every opportunity. They’ll appreciate the detailed efforts and repay your firm with loyalty.

At DLE Court Reporters, we know about offering value and earning client loyalty. Call us to experience the DLE difference.