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How to Build a Winning Workplace Culture

Ask any law firm out there, and they may tell you that strategy is the paramount reason behind their success. But without a winning team culture to propel that strategical genius forward, any organization is doomed to mediocrity. It’s been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and we have to agree.

What is culture? It’s defined as an organization’s collective behaviors. In order to achieve greatness, your firm should define your purpose and core values, and then inspire your team by consistently rewarding the behaviors that deliver extraordinary lasting results. It’s not complicated, but it does require a lot of thought and assessment.

Yes, culture can make or break a company. It sets the tone for everything from how the team interacts to how clients are treated. Any ambiguity in culture can result in mistakes, and mistakes can cost money and new business.

So how do you build a winning workplace culture in your own firm? At DLE Court Reporters, this is a topic that’s important to us and an integral part of our success. Here are a few tips from our team:


  1. Define your guiding principles. In simple terms, what is your organization all about? The words you use are important, but they don’t have to be fancy or creative; a winning culture is defined by words so basic that even a child can understand them easily, and they can be explained effortlessly.
  2. Put your guiding principles to work. In a winning culture, your team’s words and actions are aligned. When your team actively connects their missions and purpose with the greater good of the firm, they naturally feel compelled to do better and give more of themselves at work. So, say what you mean and mean what you say. It will have a trickle-down effect.
  3. Implement rewards for those who implement the firm’s culture. Accountability is a fundamental building block in every firm’s effectiveness and success, so if a team member isn’t focusing on and representing your culture, there should be consequences.
  4. It’s not enough to have a winning culture. It’s not enough to achieve more success than you thought possible. A true winning workplace culture is one what makes the team authentically happy to be working together toward a common goal.


Once your firm’s culture is defined and determined, you’ll see the effects on your team morale, productivity, creativity levels, and industriousness. They’ll have the confidence to make spontaneous decisions, armed with the firm’s culture in mind, which will save time, money, and future business.

At DLE Court Reporters, we value and maintain daily our winning team mentality, and our clients benefit from our clearly-defined philosophy. We hire and train those professionals who align with our core culture, so our clients are rewarded with the best in the industry.