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How to Manage Your Virtual Team

At DLE Court Reporting, we’ve been in business long enough to remember The Good Old Days, when everyone involved in a case was present for the depositions. Of course, The Good Old Days were more than a little stressful for those of us instrumental in organizing such well-attended and perfectly scheduled meetings, especially when an out-of-state law firm or faraway witness was involved.


Not anymore. At DLE Court Reporters, we’re well-versed in today’s legal atmosphere, where everyone is connectable via the internet and same time technology. From our process servers to our videographers and reporters, we all have learned ways to manage a virtual team to ensure success.


We make sure our team is tech-savvy. At DLE Court Reporters, we stay on the cutting edge of technology and connected to our team and clients as much as possible. Our reporters live stream their real-time transcripts to off-site attorneys and their own support staffs through a secure, protected, purged server so that no text, audio, or video of any kind are retained afterwards. Our videographers do the same. And our process servers are in communication prior, during, and once a process service is delivered. Which brings us to our next tip…


We communicate. Then, we communicate more. With a remote team, sometimes the smallest details get lost. Not with us. At DLE Court Reporters, we keep detailed communications going between our team and our clients, organizing all related information – like linked exhibits – in an easily-accessed location. If a legal team can track testimony as it happens, it makes trials flow more smoothly. Also, prior testimonies can be found with one click. Along the same lines, a transcript or exhibit file that’s missing can be instantly recovered via the reporting firm’s online access.


We understand the added advantage of virtual reporting, especially for law firms who view the recorded stream afterwards to acquaint themselves with the witnesses’ testimonies and even their credibility.


At DLE Court Reporters, we know the benefits of remote reporting and related virtual services, including significant cost-saving benefits to our clients in terms of travel costs and daily transcript copies. While still rough real-time transcripts, we make sure our seasoned reporters and transcriptionists have a record of accuracy and skill that makes “untranslates” a rare occurrence.


If you’re interested in scheduling a remote deposition but aren’t sure how to handle all the details, give us a call at DLE Court Reporters.