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No More Networking: It’s All About Building Relationships

When it comes to networking, what statement best describes your approach?

  1. “Ugh, that’s tonight?”
  2. “What was his name again? I think it started with a J. Or an M. Is it Zach?”
  3. “I’ve had spinach in my teeth this entire time?!”
  4. “His name was not Zach.”

Networking can be painful and, worse, quite an unproductive way to spend your time. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the concept and lean away from the traditional definition of connecting with people in an impersonal way in order to glean profit of some kind out of the connection.

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At DLE Court Reporters, we definitely steer clear of impersonal connections. For us, it’s all about relationship building. Here are a few tips from our team to help you enjoy the process and improve your relationship-building skills.

  • Be enthusiastic. Maybe you’d rather be somewhere else, or maybe you’re exhausted after a long day of depositions and documents, but please don’t show it. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe. If you’re crabby and resistant to the process, you probably won’t meet anyone inspiring.
  • Focus on the other person. We’ve all met the person who tells us everything that’s ever happened in their lifetime, and it’s not an enjoyable exchange. Don’t be that guy.
  • Offer help. Have confidence in the value you bring to a connection, and consider how to share that value, either through an introduction, professional advice, or your firm’s resources. This helps reframe networking into a more positive, helpful endeavor.
  • Take IRL to URL. Technology is making it easier to skip the face-to-face get-togethers and build a relationship online. If there’s someone whose work you admire, send them an email and tell them. Then, find a way to keep in touch.
  • Host your own events. As a follow-on to the previous tip, why not arrange a meet-up for all those contacts you’ve made online? At DLE Court Reporters, we’re fortunate to travel regularly throughout Florida and nationwide, and know how rewarding it is to interact with our online contacts.
  • Follow up publicly. A personal note is always appreciated, but a well-followed tweet or other peer-visible outlet is definitely a mutually beneficial relationship-building tactic.

Remember: when you genuinely connect with others, you’ll never need to network again. And if you’re interested in a meet-up with a well-respected court reporting and legal service support firm, look no further than DLE Court Reporters. Whatever your legal needs, our team is ready to work with you.