Managing Anxiety: Five Ways to Keep Your Cool in Court

One of our favorite acronyms at DLE Legal is STRESS: Someone Trying to Resolve Every Situation Solo. (We also remind each other that stressed is simply desserts spelled backwards! Now, who wants some pie?)

As respected, proven leaders in the legal support services industry, we believe in one idea strongly: We are only as strong as our team. So, our firm’s goal is to make sure our team stays focused, reinforced when needed, and unstressed at all costs.

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How do we achieve this? We’re happy to share what we’ve learned:

  • Preparation, preparation, and more preparation. As court reporters, we’ve studied long and hard to achieve proficiency and accuracy in our industry. We constantly refresh our skills with new certifications and education, and make time daily to practice our practice. The result is that by the time we step into the deposition or courtroom, we are ready for whatever comes our way. It’s time for us to get to work.
  • We breathe. This seems like a basic tip, as the alternative act signals a bigger problem than a stressful witness testimony! But we remain conscious of our breaths as we enter into a new case, controlling it as we meet our new teams, learn the day’s particulars, and set up our equipment.
  • We make a plan. Court reporters are responsible for quick and perfect accounts of the day’s proceedings. We often joke to each other that court reporters will someday be the ones to invent a time machine so that our transcripts can reach our clients yesterday! But by making a realistic work flow plan and communicating honestly with counsel, we avoid unrealistic expectations and impossible delivery promises.
  • We rely on our team. At DLE Legal, we’ve built a strong, reliable, talented team who are able and willing to back each other up at the last minute. Need help? We’re here. Need an extra set of eyes? We’ve got them. It’s this teamwork that sets us apart from other reporting firms.
  • We treat everyone with respect. From our process servers to reporters, we understand that those with whom we work are dealing with their own stressors. We make sure to stay calm and kind; most times, it’s contagious.

At DLE Legal, we remember that while we don’t make the record, we do keep it, and we never undervalue the integral role we play in the legal industry.