How Do Virtual Depositions Work

Are Virtual Depositions Here to Stay?

Ever since attorney Rod Potton showed up to a Texas virtual hearing looking like a kitten because of the digital Zoom filter, people have been skeptical of virtual legal proceedings. Virtual depositions, hearings, and even trials became necessary while we were facing COVID-19, however, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether they would continue post-pandemic.

But they have.

We have offered neutral deposition spaces for our clients for years, so it became a natural extension for us to provide virtual deposition hosting services when in-person proceedings became impossible. Beyond the court reporter, we also provided an in-house IT/AV technician that was there to assist the attorneys and make sure everything went smoothly.

Beyond our own level of service, there are several other benefits that make virtual depositions an attractive option for future proceedings as well, and why our clients continue to request them.

Easily Scheduling Depositions

When people do not have to travel to the deposition, it reduces many of the scheduling conflicts that often arise. Attorneys and witnesses can log in from anywhere there is a strong internet connection, and do not have to cut short other trips, worry about traffic delays, or schedule whole and sometimes multiple days for the depositions.

Cost-Effective Deposition Solution

Virtual Depositions are generally less expensive for everyone. Besides saving on travel and meal expenses, costs for renting and managing a “virtual” room are far less than an actual space. The clients are also not burdened with paying for excess attorney fees that can pile up while traveling to and from depositions.

Fast, Accurate, Deposition Transcriptions

Because virtual depositions are naturally recorded in many virtual video conferencing programs, such as Zoom, having both video and audio recordings of the depositions is now a built-in feature. Combing a digital court reporter with AI transcription software allow rough drafts to be ready almost immediately after the deposition, with final copies available usually within 24 hours.

We are proud to continue offering our hosted virtual deposition services at DLE Legal. Should you or your firm need a competent, neutral hosting site, contact us today to schedule yours.