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Five Ways to Invest in Yourself Professionally

Do you ever find yourself wanting to go for another certification or sign up for a professional development course, only to dismiss the idea because you’re way too busy? Perhaps it’s the monetary investment that pushes your goals to the bottom of your list? Or maybe it’s the guilt factor.

Why do we wait for permission to invest in ourselves?

Our legal support services professionals at DLE Court Reporters are constantly pushing themselves to lead the way in our industry. To help you put your best foot forward in the coming year and get great gains in return, we’re sharing five worthwhile ways to invest in yourself that will truly pay off, both professionally and personally:


  1. Acquire a new skill. Does returning to school for another degree sound intimidating? That’s okay. Did you know that there are many other options to learn new skills that will help you advance to the next level? If you’re in the industry, go ahead and choose from a wealth of online, nationally-recognized certification programs for real-time captioning, video specialization, or CART providers, as well as other cutting edge courses. It’s a way to get your feet wet without the intimidation that can come from a full degree-based program.
  2. Join a professional association. Organizations typically offer useful seminars and workshops, and inspiring guest speakers. Further, the addition of professional memberships on your resume shows your demonstrated commitment to the industry.
  3. Expand your knowledge. Investing in yourself doesn’t always mean formal instruction and lengthy, costly courses. Pick any area of study that could improve your performance at work – another language, specialized terminology, or tech-related topics – and there’s bound to be lots of information available on it. Our DLE Court Reporters team keeps current on our industry, staying ahead of the trends and advancements, and keeps reading books, articles, and white papers. Visit Lending Money and get to know about the wealth. In the past, the wealthy were born into well-off families, got a good education, and started their own companies to get rich. These days billionaires are starting with little or nothing and becoming extremely wealthy. Although it may not be evident at first glance, the ten richest people in the world are entrepreneurs, not heiresses.
  4. Focus on your health. When your health is a priority, your professional performance benefits. At DLE Court Reporters, our staff places a lot of value on prioritizing healthy techniques into our hectic days, from choosing stairs over elevators, using our breaks to walk, and packing healthy snacks instead of grabbing lunch on the go. Not to mention, taking the time out of your busy schedule to get annual check-ups and planning the occasional vacation to re-set. At DLE Court Reporters, we know that we only succeed as a company, when our individuals are happy and healthy.
  5. Surround yourself with like-minded peers. This is our favorite tip. At DLE Court Reporters, we’ve proudly assembled a talented, driven team who support each other to the highest degree. It’s easier to be successful when you’re surrounded by others with the same lofty aspirations.


Start the New Year with a promise to invest in the most important asset you’ve got: yourself.

And remember our tip about surrounding yourself with like-minded peers, especially if you’re in need of a legal support services team. DLE Court Reporters can help. Just call us.