DLE Court Reporting: Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Legal Needs

From the first day we opened DLE Court Reporting, we’ve consistently asked ourselves one question: How can we make our clients’ lives easier? This ever-evolving quest to become the most trusted simple turnkey source to support our clients’ litigation lives has resulted in a comprehensive menu of legal assistance services, from start to finish.

It all begins with our process servers. United States legal procedure requires that each party in a case must be notified whenever actions are taken against them in a court of law, a key aspect of the Due Process of Law. A legal process server delivers these documents to the individuals listed on the legal document being served.

Our dedicated process servers are highly professional and well-trained, and specialize in prompt service while upholding a strict code of conduct. And, once service of process is complete, our clients receive an email alert. At DLE Court Reporting, we believe in courtesy and convenience.

We also provide ready access to a cache of minted reporters able to accurately take down proceedings and transform the spoken word into statements of fact and allegations, up to 225 words per minute with 95 percent accuracy. It’s our mission to give attorneys experienced, tech-current reporters who keep depositions moving and deliver accurate transcripts – even in real time.

When language is a communication barrier, our interpreters and translators ensure a verbatim translation of the testimony, no matter the language or dialect. Through the use of our fluent experts, questions are conveyed to witnesses with absolute clarity.

Our videographers round out our comprehensive litigation need offerings, because seeing truly is believing. Through the use of videography, even the subtlest expression, inflection, and reaction is captured, all of which carries great weight in settling a case. DLE Court Reporting offers DVD delivery, video synchronization, and time stamped transcripts for easy match-up to video.

In the legal arena, the stakes are high. We’re proud to provide our clients with direct and quick access to management for rapidly resolving requests and issues. We honor our collective commitments to doing everything possible to make our clients’ litigation lives easier.

From beginning to end, DLE Court Reporting is a one-stop solution just one phone call away. Experience the DLE difference and learn why we are a leader in deposition services and such a unique resource to the legal community.