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The Makings of an MVP: Four Qualities That Set DLE Team Members Apart

At DLE Court Reporting, we focus a lot of our time on building an exceptionally talented team who can then merge seamlessly onto yours. Employees who view their careers as “just a job” don’t last long around these parts, which is why our reviews always rave about our professionalism, collaborative capabilities, and the ease with which DLE staff supports firms’ daily operations.

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What sets a DLE Court Reporting team member apart in the industry? We’re so glad you asked:

1. Technology.
We lead the pack on the technological side of court reporting, with up-to-the-minute knowledge of real-time advancements, delivery options, and sync capabilities. Our reporters show up early and ensure all equipment is working properly, with backup options always within reach.
We share software with our clients that provides automatic emails to keep all parties updated and engaged throughout the litigation process we support. Expect alerts once notices have been scheduled and delivered, as well as an online repository where clients can sign in securely and print out invoices, affidavits, notices, and transcripts.

2. Communication.
When law firms or insurance companies litigate a case, they need proceedings to run smoothly and without mistakes. Our expertise of the litigation process from beginning to end, as well as our clear communication throughout, marks us as industry standouts.
No more repeated check-ins, never-ending menu options, long-winded voice mails, and missed messages wondering if a process has been served or a transcript has been sent; we automatically update our clients’ progress in real time, as it happens.

3. Customer Support.
We blend our state-of-the-art technology with solid old-fashioned customer service. It’s paramount that the court reporting firm you choose is accessible, with real live, friendly, professional people to help.
Our passionate personnel are ready and waiting to handle any litigation management need, whether it’s accessing our online service; online scheduling a process server, court reporter, translator, interpreter, or videographer; or even setting up a new account. Just one phone call gives access to our extensive experience and servicing.

4. Accuracy.
Quick turnarounds, a commitment to technology, clear communication, and a 24-7 customer service support team are all secondary considerations when it comes to the final work product: Is it high quality? Does it exceed the transcript formats set by the state licensure board? The answer we’re able to give at DLE Court Reporting is always yes.

Providing a one-stop solution to overworked paralegals, secretaries, and attorneys is our specialty. Because no one wants to deal with multiple vendors, DLE Court Reporting handles as many aspects of litigation needs as possible. All it takes is one call.