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We’ve Got What You Need: Three Reasons to Enlist the Services of DLE Court Reporters

At DLE Court Reporters, we love hearing from our clients that we made their lives easier with the services we provide. They review us with words like “stress-free” and “seamless transition onto our team” and, our personal favorite, “We won’t work with any other court reporting firm in Miami than DLE Court Reporters.”

Thank you.

We work hard to give our clients exactly what they need, and more. In case you’re not familiar with our work, here are three reasons why you won’t want to work with any other court reporting firm other than DLE Court Reporters:


  1. We offer accurate, real time transcription services (which is the fastest rate out there). Do you need the transcripts immediately? Oftentimes, a firm’s answer is a definitive yes, especially when questioning in a complicated case when the instant review of a witness’s answer – and on-the-fly redirect – means a win or a loss. Is real time worth it? Definitely.
  2. We provide exceptional, personalized customer service. From the time you call to schedule your deposition, DLE Court Reporters remain focused on ensuring that every point of contact is simple and tailored to your specific needs. Do you need a reporter experienced in medical depositions or a certified legal videographer? Or perhaps you require a firm to arrange for virtual videoconferencing anywhere in the world, and make sure everyone involved has access, no matter where they may be located? That’s what we do best.
  3. We only send out the highest quality court reporters. DLE Court Reporters are always ahead of schedule, professionally dressed, easy to work with, highly confident in their abilities, and respectful to your team.


Most importantly, we make sure your work is kept safe and secure. Whether it’s in-person communication, hard copies of deposition proceedings, or your digital file storage, our clients’ security is paramount to DLE Court Reporters. We make sure that all the information our clients store in our case management systems is kept confidential. That’s important to us, and we know it’s important to you.

At DLE Court Reporters, we have the most experienced team of court reporters, and we match them to your case’s specific needs. We’re independent, motivated, and ready to work for you. Try us for your next case in Miami.