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Are Business Cards Obsolete? Not Yet.

What are your thoughts on business cards?

  1. I don’t need business cards. I’m on LinkedIn.
  2. Print is dead.
  3. I just ordered a thousand with our firm’s new logo blind-embossed and silver foil contact info on a 16-pt linen cardstock…
  4. What’s a business card?

As soon as you think business cards are obsolete, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you need one to promote your firm and legal specialty.

A plain business card can quickly become a notecard on which to jot down a reminder of an arranged meeting or a subject you and a potential client discussed. Sometimes it’s the perfect bookmark and daily reminder that your services might be very helpful someday – and not just to hold a page! And still, there are some people who eschew the internet and all its connectivity magic; they prefer the old-school method of networking, thank you very much.

At DLE Court Reporters, we pride ourselves on being a tech-advanced firm, but we still believe in the business card. Here are a few reasons we think they’re still working as hard as we are:

  • Look around. Everyone is staring at their phones, aren’t they? Even when we meet each other for the first time and want to exchange information, we’re back to focusing on our phones, entering a name and “2336? Or 2366?” Consider how much better that time would be spent with a simple exchange of business cards.
  • We meet a lot of people, and we’re sure you do, too. After a large event or a populated proceeding, we’re left with a stack of cards with names that may not always connect to faces. The blank backside of business cards is the perfect space for a note to remind you of who they are and why you wanted their card.
  • Business cards are the perfect starting point for your digital contact lists. Snap a picture of it to use as a future lead, send it to another attorney in your firm who may benefit from the contact, and use the information to locate the card’s owner on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Times are changing, but we at DLE Court Reporters don’t think it’s time to get rid of business cards. There remains a meaningful, personal element in giving and receiving cards. When we give them to our clients or colleagues, the message is that we’d love to connect again. So, let’s connect again. Give us a call at DLE Court Reporters.