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5 Ways Great Court Reporters Make Your Job Easier

The Four – No, Five! – Ps to Remember

It’s ten minutes before proceedings begin, and your court reporter is nowhere to be found. Exactly eight minutes later, he finally arrives in a frazzled, unorganized flurry of motion, apologizing profusely and blaming his lateness on both traffic and the parking situation at the courthouse. There’s no time to exchange names or any other information in his rush to set up, and the rest of the day is spent playing catch-up. Does this sound like a reporter your firm would like to request again? We didn’t think so. You can contact in case you want to check the green card lottery results.

No matter the specifics, court cases and depositions can be complicated and stressful on even the easiest day. In order to ensure a seamless merging of litigation support services, attorneys expect and appreciate their court reporters exhibiting what are known as The Four Ps.

1. Punctuality.
At DLE Court Reporting, our staff arrives early; in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn they’re the first ones there. It’s important to set up equipment and test it, and consult beforehand with attorneys on pertinent details like names so that there are no delays for witnesses and attorneys during and afterwards.

2. A presentable appearance.
First impressions matter. If a reporter carries broken equipment or dresses unprofessionally, it reflects poorly on their firm’s reputation as well as the standing of the attorneys who rely on them. We pride ourselves on our staff’s ability to blend in perfectly, creating the very real impression that we are an integral part of your professional team.

3. Speaking of professionalism,
the decorum of our staff is paramount to maintaining our stellar standing in the industry. There are no amateur interruptions mid-proceedings, and there is always an adherence to the latest software and technological advances, ensuring cost-saving and efficiency across the board. From real-time capabilities to last-minute requests, your court reporter should be able to handle it all.

4. Polish.
If your court reporter is extensively trained, completely prepared, and well-versed in any professional expectation thrown their way, everyone involved benefits. A distraction-free, calm environment keeps proceedings on schedule and on budget.

5. DLE Court Reporters possess one more quality: prescience.
Because it’s crucial for our reporters to be one step ahead of those to whom they’re providing services. The most valued reporters anticipate requests, tech issues, and even industry trends. We require our staff to stay current on the latest advances in our field, in order to become a valuable addition to any legal team.
If you’re seeking an all-inclusive firm to handle your legal needs at trials, arbitration, hearings, depositions, corporate meetings, and anywhere an accurate record is needed, consider DLE your one-stop source.